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Singer, Vocal Coach&Voice Teacher, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist (Drums/Piano/percussion/minor Bass), Soul/R’nB/HipHop BeatProducer, Contemporary HipHop/Popping Dancer, Owner of D’ Singing Technique. 

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Coming from an all musicians family DissiNotRA is a futuristic and passionate performance artist that blows your mind with its talent! As a professional singer, multi- instrumentalist and dancer, her art  is beyond creative…  you have to see it to believe it!…

DissiNotRA’s latest solo project, is a live performance, based on a device that is called Akai MPK49 and her voice. It enables her to function as a DJ with live on spot created beats or as a story  telling performer.

With this combination plus her sparkling charisma she is a highlight for every event that features creative and modern artists. You will witness an explosion of sounds that will carry you in to other dimensions escorted by a powerful voice that sends the chills up your spine. This will go under your skin! Whether you like to dance or just listen to music and hang out, she is able to accomodate. And all though you wont believe it, cause nobody expects so much multifaceted sound coming from just one lady, everything you are going to hear is performed LIVE!

“I cant exist without LOVING to make music! Specially live! Whether in an acoustic, or and electronic way… i enjoy both! The most joy though, i have with a band. There is nothing more satisfying and wonderful to me, then the power of a collective that creates!”

“Life is a blessing and we can choose to live in paradise. I cant’t help but to share my euphoria for being a part of this constantly moving space in which we exist!”






enjoy art at it’s best….